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So i made my purse, and it turned out great!! only thing i did wrong was buy a 8 ” zip instead of a 6″, but i can live with that lol.

So chuffed.

all material is cut ready to sew top for my daughter. So just gotta find the time to put it together…

But the suns out, and my hubby has worked hard sorting garden out so time to pick other two kids up and have a bbq! i just wish today was friday!

hope everyone has a lovely evening!!



Perfect weekend!

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Love it when the sun comes out to play!!

Sorted garden out, bought and planted the new hanging baskets/pots. well i say, I planted them, infact my 5 year old daughter took over because i was not doing it correctly. (i didnt think about pulling the roots out a little before planting them in new soil, how does she know this..? lol) she done a fabulous job at it! my one year old even gave it a go 😉

Went to boot sale this morning on the look out for patterns or any fabric, but was none ;( and it was lovely in gerenal to spend time with hubby, as he is usually always working.. perfect family weekend.

So my next goals are… cushion cover, have everything but zip and piping. A clutch wallet type thing and i WILL make my daughter a top that fits!! lol

will put some pics up asap….



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Got my machine, yay!

So far ive made a load of beanbags for kids… started a top for my daughter but mucked it up 😦 (couldnt even get it over my girls head, serious fail!!), cut the feet of my daughters baby grows and hemmed them, and made a little cailo bag. would put pics up but their on my phone.

And i officially hate stretchy material! it didnt matter how i put it though the machine, the hems i was doing on the sleepsuits are all stretched out of place and dont look even 😦 

Adore my new machine.

Right now ive ordered a bag and a top pattern, which should be with me in the week, now i need to look for some material for them… not sure what material to use for bag, oil cloth or cord? hmmm anything but stretchy!!

looking for a easy top pattern for my girls, but i just cannot find one? really want to do some for summer.

Oh i also got the new sewing bee book. love it! just a shame the sizes only goto a 16. and a small 16 at that. but never mind. really helped me out with a few things already. sad the show is finishing too, love it. anyone else watch it? what do you think on it?


new machine??

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So i’ve awaken this morning to find myself wanting…Needing a new machine.

(i bought myself a singer 201k for my photography believe it or not, and i got it home i thought i would try it out, and boom…my new found love for sewing etc.)

Its a amazing machine but literally only goes backwards and forwards. plus it weights a ton!! 

So i now am on the lookout for a new one. nothing fancy but i dont even know where to start.

Ive seen on a brother i believe, which looks good. but heard good things about a joline sp?

My friend bought some unwanted fabic round yesterday, and i cannot wait to start using it!!

Do i go for the brother RH127 or RH137? or the cheaper one which looks just as good… RL417?


New way of seeing things…

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So here i am…28 years old with three amazing kiddies.

i dont want my babies growing up and following the leader, so to speak. i want them to find themselves and be Unique!! 

Hence my whole reason for my new hobby, anything to do with sewing or art and crafts.

I would like to create one off pieces to do with anything… i love the idea that no-one else will have the same thing as me!

i have literally only just started sewing this year, and i cannot believe i didnt start before… 

Am always on the look out for new projects!! so feel free to post or email me any 🙂